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Computational physics — This article is about computational science applied in physics. epub, mobi, pdf, html, pdb, lit, doc, rtf, txt); Computational Liquid Crystal Photonics. Fundamentals, Modelling and Applications, Salah Obayya, Optical.

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Megan Rapinoe. Abby Wambach. Carli Lloyd. Alex Morgan. She knew them all. After a two-year stint playing for the Lady Vikings on the pitch, she would pay homage to her heroes the best way she knew how — by joining and playing for the tradition-rich Fike High varsity girls soccer program. Staying active was a necessity. At the time, the Wilson County Board of Education did not permit sixth graders to play middle school sports.

With the encouragement of Elm City athletic director Brent Pearson, Adkins decided to pick up tennis, if only for a year, and participate in cheerleading.

As the only public middle school in the county with an active tennis interest, Elm City was able to circumvent the sixth-grade ineligibility rule by operating as a club team out of Lake Wilson Tennis Club — a practice that still continues. Therefore, Adkins had found her athletic home, at least for a year. She played No. Adkins proceeded to serve her spring in soccer exile.

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Then, a funny thing happened. Finally eligible for soccer as a seventh grader, Adkins instead decided to pull double duty. That scenario played out again during her eighth-grade year. By the time Adkins reached eighth grade, Fike girls tennis czar Lee Matthews knew he had significant reinforcements coming from the middle school level. But was Adkins, now the owner of 96 career victories at Fike, destined to be just a rank-and-file member of the Lady Demons?

She was unsure until she met Milne. Books were bound typically for an owner or, potentially, a bookseller, but not a printer. Skilled craftsmen, practicing in workshops, crafted each binding by hand, employing simple tools and finishing the work in the fashion of the day, which was constantly evolving.

Sewing Bookbinding. Once all the sheets of a printed book were folded, the binder sewed the signatures into a text block.

Sewing structures evolved over time and can be helpful in dating early books. Early books were typically sewn over raised cords, resulting in the bumps seen on many spines.

By the 17th century, binders were recessing cords by carving notches into the spine. Endcaps persist today as decorative vestiges. Claudianus, Theod. Antuerpiae: Ex officina Christophori Plantini.

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Londini [London] : In aedibus Richardi Tottelli Decorative Bindings Bookbinding. Paper was introduced as a binding material in Europe by the late 16th century. Paper bindings were initially introduced as cheap, temporary bindings, but as paper patterns developed and tastes changed, these bindings became more elaborate, more beautiful, and more permanent.

This was an affordable, fast means of decorating. Marbling was practiced in Japan as early as the 12th century, and the process was known and understood in Persia and Turkey long before it was imported into Western Europe. By , France and the Netherlands established themselves as centers for its production, and the marble paper then spread quickly across Europe.

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Some of the most beautiful early bindings feature marbled paper, often with a leather spine and corners to extend its life. In addition to marbling, papers were commonly printed with patterns, such as this interlocking floral pattern. Didascalici del secolo XVI. Venezia : Presso Antonio Zatta e figli, Pastepaper, another common form of decorated paper, was created by mixing pigment into flour paste, brushing the mixture on to a sheet of paper, and then disrupting the surface by combing, brushing, sponging, or other means to form a pattern.

Word of mouth from dedicated customers has kept the store successful. Caravan today remains a place where heart, community and culture come together, a crossroads of the world. Visitors from everywhere come to browse, talk books and share their world perspective … like the day Caroline Kennedy walked into the store.

That, and the well-known Caravan Christmas tradition of displaying an old-time train — complete with whistle — in the front window.

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And with his first grandchild on the way, Leonard is looking forward to sharing his selection of pop-up books. Something to entice the next generation of Bruins to one of L. Bound and Determined.