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Computational physics — This article is about computational science applied in physics. epub, mobi, pdf, html, pdb, lit, doc, rtf, txt); Computational Liquid Crystal Photonics. Fundamentals, Modelling and Applications, Salah Obayya, Optical.

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Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology provides protocols and reviews covering basic and advanced experimental designing, methods and analysis in stem cell biology, differentiation, development, disease modeling, gene editing and cell-based therapies. Issue Volume 46, Issue 1. Previous Next.

Transcriptional Switches During Development, Volume 98 Current Topics in Developmental Biology

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New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. An illustrated anatomical ontology of the developing mouse lower urogenital tract. Development , 10 : A conserved genetic mechanism specifies deutocerebral appendage identity in insects and arachnids. B ; DOI: Molecular development of chondrichthyan claspers and the evolution of copulatory organs. Nature Communications Embryonic origin and compartmental organization of the external genitalia.

Sexual Development , DOI: Development of the hemipenes in the ball python snake Python regius.

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Phallus development in the turtle Trachemys scripta. Development of avian external genitalia: interspecific differences and sexual differentiation of the male and female phallus. Development of the cloaca, hemipenes, and hemiclitores in the green anole, Anolis carolinesis. Morphogenesis and patterning of the phallus and cloaca in the American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis. Developmental basis of phallus reduction during bird evolution. Current Biology , Developmental basis of sexually dimorphic digit ratios.

Sonic hedgehog controls growth of external genitalia by regulating cell cycle kinetics. Nature Communications , DOI Multiphasic and tissue-specific roles of Sonic hedgehog in cloacal septation and external genitalia development. Development Functional and phylogenetic analysis shows that Fgf8 is not required for external genital development. Molecular evolution of vertebrate cartilage development. Current Topics in Developmental Biology Identification of nucleus pulposus precursor cells and notochordal remnants in the mouse: Implications for disk degeneration and chordoma formation.

Book Series: Current Topics in Developmental Biology

Developmental Dynamics Genome duplication and the origin of the vertebrate skeleton. Current Opinion in Genetics and Development Cell lineage analysis demonstrates an endodermal origin of the distal urethra and perineum. Developmental Biology Patterns of correlation and covariation of anthorpoid distal forelimb segments correspond to Hoxd expression territories. PLoS One 2 8 : e Hagfish and lancelet fibrillar collagens reveal that type II collagen-based cartilage evolved in stem vertebrates.

Evidence that mechanisms of fin development evolved in the midline of early vertebrates.

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Nature M, and Cohn, M. Lamprey type II collagen and Sox9 reveal an ancient origin of the vertebrate collagenous skeleton. Developmental basis for hindlimb loss in dolphins and origin of the cetacean bodyplan.

Current Topics in Developmental Biology

Developmental origin of shark electrosensory organs. Evolution and Development. Genomic regulation of Hox collinearity. Developmental Cell. Development of the mammalian urethra is controlled by Fgfr2-IIIb. Analysis of EphA4 in the lesser spotted catshark identifies a primitive gnathostome expression pattern and reveals co-option during evolution of shark-specific morphology.

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Genes Evol. Developmental genetics of the external genitalia. Lamprey Hox genes and the origin of jaws. Nature, Sonic hedgehog signaling from the urethral plate controls external genital development. Developmental Biology. Hox genes. In: Encyclopedia of Evolution , M. Pagel ed. Oxford University Press. New York. An orphan PRD class homeobox gene expressed in mouse brain and limb development. Development, Genes and Evolution.