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It explores the critical role that Gazprom plays in the Russian economy, as well as its growing and evolving role as an instrument of state.

TMK, Gazprom Sign Deal on ‘Smart’ Gas Pipes

Section 1 provides an overview of the Russian oil and gas sectors, with special attention to the history of gas as a Soviet ministry's the period when nearly all of Gazprom's legacy assets in gas fields and pipelines were developed. Section II focuses on Gazprom as an organization, including its structure, revenues, and its activities within Russia, Western Europe and overseas. As the study makes clear, Gazprom is far more than the world's largest gas company. It is a monopoly controlled by the Kremlin, serving both economic and political agendas, as well as a multidimensional investment enterprise seeking a larger role on the world stage.

Section III looks at the "yin and yang" of Gazprom and the state, and the reasons for early privatization efforts following the demise of the Soviet Union, as well as the current "re-nationalization" of the oil and gas sectors as world prices have risen. Skip to: Skip to content Skip to navigation. Gazprom: Gas Giant Under Strain. Working Paper. Author s Nadejda M.

Kyrgyzstan: Gazprom Warns It Could Cut Gas Supply | Eurasianet

There was talk about an ongoing discussion to move Iranian gas to India via an underwater pipeline, prospects for expanding existing volume moving to Turkey, and the continuing saga of a pipeline to Pakistan. Aside from some additional gas moving to Turkey that could be transited on to Europe, these pipeline projects pose little direct competition to main Gazprom revenue sources.

LNG involves cooling natural gas to liquid form and then transporting it in specially designed tankers. It is then regasified on the receiving end and injected into existing domestic pipeline networks. LNG allows the formation of markets and hubs where major pipeline interchanges do not currently exist.

Putin Mulls Sale of Rosneft Stakes to Chinese, Indian Companies

Iran potentially has more natural gas than even Russia, is prepared to provide consignments at lower cost, and is becoming the darling of the international investment community. Gazprom, meanwhile, has been late getting into the LNG race. But attempts to add volume there has been stymied by rising competition from Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Gas Giants Weather: Crash Course Kids #43.2

Its major Yamal LNG project in the very north of Russia, the one that was supposed to have made a major entry into European and other markets, is experiencing bureaucratic and operational problems. There is little left for Gazprom to fall back on. The company used to deprecate LNG as an alternative to piped gas, claiming the cost would never be competitive. Not anymore.

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Figures agreed to in Frankfurt indicate massive increases in the capacity of global LNG terminals some of them in the hands of publicly traded companies , with LNG demand rising to meet it by By that time, the Gazprom model will have been supplanted and both Europe and Asia will be receiving ever increasing shipments of LNG in preference to Russian gas via pipeline. You are right on Target and I deeply appreciate your explanation. It is accurate and tells us much about the current politics that are going on in United States and other countries. If Iran is targeted as a terrorist Nation it will be subject to not only sanctions but, I fear military conflict.

At least barrage of attempts to prevent any activity in Iran that would adversely affect the right of Russia to produce and export LNG. If the United States continues to demonize Iran this will ultimately work in favor of Russia. I doubt if our top political planners are aware of this. Maybe they are, and perhaps that is one reason the Press is being told by those in power in the United States on one hand to hurt Iran and on another go easy with Russia and explains the closeness of trump and mr.

Politics produces strange results that are not be in the interest of the United States and will, instead, increase the price of oil and LNG to the United States. Thanks again.

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Dean Brunel. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all of your LOVE, friendship, support and prayers over the years. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for all of your help!! I hope that you have a very Happy New Year ahead one that brings you and your family health, happiness and prosperity! Why did you not mention Canadian natural gas.

Canada has one of the largest proven natural gas reserves in the world. International banks love this; wars, debt money, inflation, control, and yes, misnomered federal reserve loopholes! Protected by copyright of the United States and international treaties. Any reproduction, copying, or redistribution electronic or otherwise, including the world wide web , of content from this webpage, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Money Morning.

Oil Investor and Energy Reports with Kent Moors Kent delivers the latest energy news from his travels around the world in his role as a consultant for major companies and governments. Kent Moors published February 24th, Moscow is hard pressed to provide the necessary funds for that. Of course, these changes simply become precedents for others to demand the same.

So the last thing Gazprom needs is rising competition in the markets it already services.

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  7. LNG, however, is quite a different matter. No wonder the Gazprom guys looked concerned. They have every reason to be. Please Note: Kent cannot respond to your comments and questions directly.