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Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History. In this Book.

Additional Information. In this path-breaking work, Susan Buck-Morss draws new connections between history, inequality, social conflict, and human emancipation.

Hegel Haiti & Universal History

She offers a fundamental reinterpretation of Hegel's master-slave dialectic and points to a way forward to free critical theoretical practice from the prison-house of its own debates. She finds that it is in the discontinuities of historical flow, the edges of human experience, and the unexpected linkages between cultures that the possibility to transcend limits is discovered. It is these flashes of clarity that open the potential for understanding in spite of cultural differences.

Its strength lies in the development of a specific claim in the history of philosophy into a general theme concerning universality and politics.

Buck-Morss's argument shows that Hegel's spirit is tainted with the blood and suffering of enslaved Africans in the European colonies and that his dialectic of the master and the slave is performed on Western memories of Greek society and Western oblivions of slave trade and Western colonies. The supposed idealist becomes a hard-headed realist whose concepts are formed while reading the morning newspapers.

The idea of emancipation from slavery is itself emancipated from a model of noblesse oblige to one of struggle, risk, and sacrifice on the part of the slave. This is a thoroughly brilliant scholarly work that turns Hegel upside down in a new way, revealing this time that he was always already standing on his head.

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Buck-Morss also deserves praise for placing the Haitian Revolution firmly at the center of modernity—and insisting that scholars in many fields contemplate its lessons. Among the most innovative and stimulating critical assessments of the Haitian Revolution. Mitchell, University of Chicago.