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Job applications are no longer being accepted for this opportunity. Job Description The Drip Irrigation Engineer is responsible for leading in the conduct of a feasibility study for a pressurized drip irrigation supply system to peri-urban high-value horticulture farmers. About the Organization SHELADIA Associates is a multi-disciplinary international professional consulting firm with demonstrated experience in the successful management and implementation of development projects throughout the world.

Apply now. Back to search results. The reservoir capacity was MCM. Thus the dam can conveniently supply the water required for irrigation in the area. A total of five borehole samples were collected from five towns in Owerri metropolis, South-eastern Nigeria and subjected to physio-chemical analysis using atomic absorption spectrophotometer AAS and other standard equipment with the A total of five borehole samples were collected from five towns in Owerri metropolis, South-eastern Nigeria and subjected to physio-chemical analysis using atomic absorption spectrophotometer AAS and other standard equipment with the aim of characterizing and analysing the groundwater quality indicators.

With the aid of geochemical diagrams acquired using Aquachem The results showed that the groundwater quality indicators occur in the groundwater in amounts that fall within their respective permissible limits as set by World Health Organization WHO Drinking Water Standard, and therefore ascertained the groundwater portable and suitable for drinking.

The pH of the groundwater has a mean value of 6. Great similarities were identified between the geochemical composition of the samples and they are all evidently suitable for irrigation purposes.

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From series of computations and plots, silicate weathering and seawater intrusion were deduced to be the dominant factors controlling the groundwater chemistry, though there is evidence of poor rock dissolution — immature water-rock equilibrium. As the water is the life force, essential for every living creature on the earth, saving and protecting it are the basic necessities.

This paper study the characteristics of sewage of Erbil city, and also study methods of treatment by This paper study the characteristics of sewage of Erbil city, and also study methods of treatment by stabilization ponds and aerated ponds and comparing between them for reusing it for irrigation of total gross area about donum within the boundary of Erbil city and also to reduce pollution hazards. Hydraulic performance of abrupt outlet transition structure with strip guide vanes at subcritical flow.

For some stream structures such as barrages, regulators, as well as change of channel cross section, the downstream expansion transitions structures are the common requirement. Eddies, as a result of the flow separation in such structures Eddies, as a result of the flow separation in such structures leads to destruction the bed and sides of the downstream channel. Head loss, on the other hand, produced through the expansion is important because it affects the stage at downstream. This study is restricted to developing the hydraulic performance of abrupt outlet transition at subcritical flow for both decreasing the head losses besides spreading the flow transversely to achieve regular velocity across the width as much as possible.

New appurtenances, is adopting to install at specified configuration into a sudden transition. The appurtenances consisted of two successive rows of thin plates used as guide vanes to direct and spread the flow across the width with more uniformity.

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The guide vanes also keep the head losses at minimum possible. This attempt, through the results, proved that it has considerable hydraulic and economic advantages as compared to using a flared wall. The objectives of the present study are: 1 to have a clear knowledge of the present situation of irrigation systems in the project The objectives of the present study are: 1 to have a clear knowledge of the present situation of irrigation systems in the project sites Fayoum, Behera, and Menia and 2 to estimate the efficiency of the existing irrigation systems.

Egypt has vast land resources, but only a fixed fresh water share from the Nile. The current population is estimated at about 72 million, and the average per capita share of water in Egypt is about m3 per year, and is expected to fall to less than m3 per capita by the year Increasing water productivity becomes a vital issue where more food should be produced out of less water. This theme poses enormous challenges to allocate existing supplies, encourage more efficient water use and promote conservation of irrigation water.

Three different operation efficiencies were assessed in this study. The first one applies to the ability to accomplish the irrigation process without using more water than necessary. The second is the return to use. The third is the diesel pump efficiency. This indicates how efficiently the diesel pump utilizes and converts the fuel consumed to useful energy for pumping water. The water delivery was converted from rotational basis to continuous flow in Menia and Fayoum. The normal duration of the rice water rotation is from May 1 to October 15, and that for the non-rice rotation is from October 15 to April The means of Data collection in this work is limited to interviews and questionnaires in addition to simple measurements that do not require instrumentation and take only the length and time dimensions such as estimating discharge in open mesqa using the float method.

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Data required were derived from field survey of 10 percent of the total project domain area of feddans. This included farmer questionnaires distributed among three regions: Behera; Fayoum; and Menia. In order to account for water availability along the mesqa a 3-questionnaires was made for each selected WUA head, middle, and tail of mesqa.

Detailed analysis was conducted through the farmer questionnaires, covering the various crops, irrigation time, and frequency commonly used in order to determine the irrigation efficiency. The amount of water applied for each crop was determined using the data on irrigation time, number of irrigations during season, pre-irrigation time, number of pumps and valves or gates operating at the same time and valve or gate discharge.

The pump efficiency was determined through the collected data. These data included: pump fuel consumption, pump discharge, and vertical height from water source to the end of pump discharge pipe. In addition to the farmers' questionnaires, 25 WUAs questionnaires were also implemented to collect data specifically related to the WUA and mesqa technical data as diesel pump performance and mesqa specifications. Although the land leveling is important for surface irrigation, the only region that has laser land leveling is Fayoum except few cases in Behera and Menia. Generally, subsurface drainage was installed in the study area except few cases in Behera and Menia.


However, the average pump efficiency in Behera and Menia were The rainfall in Behera region has a positive direct effect on reducing the number of irrigations by 3 irrigations for winter crops except rice compared to Fayoum and Menia. The effect of location on-mesqa on irrigation time, applied water, and yields for all crops in all regions, shows no significant difference between locations on-mesqa, indicating good level of water equity.


The water equity achieved between farmers along the mesqa could be attributed to the smaller number of valves or gates operating at the same time due to the change from multi-lifting point to a single-lifting point as a result of mesqa improvement. The irrigation application efficiency AE is used herein to indicate whether farmers irrigate with the required amount of water for the crop or not. It is a ratio between the crop consumptive use and the applied amount of water.

The average of application efficiencies for rice, cotton, maize, wheat, beans, and berseen are 50, 91, 87, 67, 72, and 56 respectively.

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Irrigation application efficiency is an indicator of water losses and the potential of applying water conservation measures. This level of efficiency is rather low, which indicates an additional potential for water conservation through better management at the farm level.