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At the same time, it covers over phrases organized in 60 categories. Meanings of words and grammar concepts are explained by numerous example sentences. A convenient phrasebook app that helps you learn essential Japanese words and phrases and includes audio recordings made by native speakers.

The free version contains over frequently used words, phrases, and sentences, while the pro version offers more than entries. Another free translator app that enables instant translations of words and entire sentences. It includes a list of favorite words and phrases, and supports voice input. Available on Android.

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Colloquial Japanese helps you learn Japanese as it is written and spoken today. The explanations are both meticulous and easy to understand.

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The goal is to grow your skills and speak Japanese confidently in various situations. This resource offers free lessons for beginners integrative Japanese lessons, vocabulary, phrases, and grammar that consist of text and audio recordings, and a chance to contact the course creator and book some one-on-one lessons.

The Official Worldwide Japanese Proficiency Test JLPT website contains all the info you need about taking the test from any part of the world — from the registration and preparation, to results. The language learning software and online course used by many public institutions in the US. Online dictionary accompanied by vocabulary-building flashcards in five levels from total beginner to very advanced and sentence practice. It also has some dialogues and jokes written in Japanese Kana, Kanji, and romanized script , English, and recorded in Japanese. NHK World Radio Japan has a weekly podcast in the form of audio-drama developed by highly qualified teachers and narrated by native Japanese with flawless pronunciation.

An older website comprising a free online course of Japanese. The lessons cover pronunciation, vocabulary, reading and writing practice — including both Hiragana and Katakana, grammar lessons and reviews, Japanese songs, and more. An app designed to help you learn, drill, and remember Japanese kanji, radicals bushu and primitive elements. Contains flashcards, multiple choice drills, writing practice drills with stroke order animation, keyboard and handwriting recognition.

Experimental features include optical character recognition. A Japanese language learning video series with fun, easy to watch episodes featuring the language and helping you develop a cultural understanding.

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The 25 episodes are sorted by subject — from greetings, indicating things, and making requests, to making assumptions, expressing desires, explaining, giving reasons, and conveying how you feel. It is all free but you can buy a DVD and textbook if you wish. The ten minutes lessons — accompanied by thorough notes on language and culture, worksheets, flash cards, presentations, and more — are designed to be used as the primary resource in a classroom, but are great as a self-learning material as well.

The content is free online in a form of a flash presentation.

Listen and Learn: Japanese Idioms by Senko K. Maynard

Alternatively, you can buy a CD from the Japan Society. Great resource for the all-level learners of Japanese — as long as they enjoy Manga and Anime. Learn the Japanese vocabulary and a bit of grammar through familiar character and genre romance, school, ninja, samurai based expressions that often appear in your favorite animes.

The language is casual, the explanations are given in the form of manga, and the practice consists in taking quizzes and playing games. Tokyo Metropolitan University provides a number of quality free mini resources for learning Japanese, including elementary Japanese course PDF textbook, audio dialogue, grammar explanation, and video quiz , listening practice and interactive listening quizzes for all levels, reading materials for intermediate and advanced learners, interviews with Japanese and international students, and more.

Several tools designed to help you learn Japanese, including a dictionary Japanese to Japanese, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Slovene , a toolbox, a number of reading resources, and grammar quizes. In addition to Japanese and English, the site is available in German and Dutch.

Other site functionalities include checking the difficulty degree of words and kanji, locating and explaining various grammar structures displayed in the reading material, and more. The 7 lessons consist of bare essentials and shortcuts, but the fact that you have a scheduled conversation with a native Japanese speaker in a week creates a sense of emergency and keeps you super-motivated. The Teach Yourself Language edition contains two courses of Japanese. This Absolute Beginner Course of Japanese consists of the book and MP3 CDs, which cover the basic grammar and vocabulary and help develop listening, reading, writing, speaking and pronunciation skills.

Teach Yourself also offers Complete Japanese course beginner to intermediate , which can help you learn Japanese script, develop a cultural awareness, and take the four core language skills to a solid intermediate level. This translator app offers sentence correction and voice recognition. You can use it to translate emails and sms messages as you receive them the free version lets you do this 50 times.

Your translation history is saved for your reference.

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This tool is designed to make learning Japanese through reading simple and more enjoyable. A phrasebook app for iOS and Android that helps you to pronounce and memorize the most common words and phrases in Japanese. Another platform that enables you to speak Japanese with native speakers on Skype. There are teachers from all over the world available. They use a standardized framework of references to describe your progress — the European one.

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  8. As for the learning process, you choose a tutor according to their profile, feedback from other learners, price, location, and availability; book a lesson a part of the fee should be paid in advance and there you go. It translates words within the context rather than isolated. It is free to use, and you can download thematic mini-phrasebooks from any page.

    A vulgar phrasebook of Japanese, more fun than useful, that will present you the common slang of the Japanese, from casual street-talk, funny ways to ask someone to go to bed with you, to serious insults. Use it with caution, especially because it seems that this book contains phrases and idioms that are not in use anymore.

    There is a workbook available as a separate item. RhinoSpike helps you get Japanese language audio on demand. You can also listen to some of the existing recordings in Japanese to get a feel of how it works.

    Listening comprehension practice for beginners. Just listen to some of the 12 audio clips as many times you want, and then take the comprehension quiz. The basic vocabulary of the Japanese language in images and sound. When you touch an object, word, or phrase, it is pronounced aloud. It contains the entries on numbers, body parts, clothing, food, animals, and family.

    Great for consolidating your knowledge and memorizing the words, but might be too overwhelming for absolute beginners without any previous knowledge of any of the Japanese scripts. Audio recordings and booklet included. There is also the popular top-tens section, which includes ten quick ways to pick up Japanese swiftly, ten popular slang expressions, and ten expressions that can make you sound fluent. The complimentary audio CD features some real-life conversations between native speakers of the language.

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    Another free app for beginners that can help you build an essential vocabulary base. All entries are followed by audio recordings and work in offline mode. Lots of adds though. Resources and information for Japanese language teachers and students. Includes a number of textbooks and a lot of exercises and tests.

    On separate sections of this website, you can find some free local classes or practice your accent. Intermediate level learners can learn Japanese dialects in addition to the standard Japanese. One of the most popular translation apps, available for iOS and Android. The free version allows you to translate text from and into more than languages, including Japanese.

    29 Genius Japanese Idioms That All Learners Should Know

    Other features include transliteration, sharing, and audio in male and female voices. Pro features include offline mode, verb conjugations, voice-to-voice conversations, website translation, and lens — you can use your camera to translate signs, menus, and more. The last two functionalilies are available only on iOS.