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Click on a series title to see the full list of products in the series. Taking a diagnostic approach, it emphasizes how to detect common problems and discusses the purpose, function, operation and methods of testing and diagnosing each system.

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This edition contains more information on vehicle identification, safety, and environmental concerns, as well as content on evaporative emission sensors and ignition systems. It features a new design, an accompanying multimedia CD-ROM and a highly interactive format ideal for multiple learning styles. Topics: Fully updated materials on the latest issues in engine performance such as:.

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Troubleshooting Charts —have been added to the end of each service chapter. Diagnostic approach— emphasizes how to find problems and includes diagnostic stories throughout. The third edition of Automotive Engine Performance was updated and expanded due to meet the following needs:.

To meet these requirements, the author has included the following changes to the new edition:. Chapter 1. S ervice Information, Tools, and Safety.

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Environmental and Hazardous Materials. Gasoline Engine Operation, Parts, and Specifications. Cooling System Operation and Diagnosis.

ASE A8 Engine Performance Practice Test - Test 2

Lubrication System Operation and Diagnosis. Starting and Charging System Diagnosis. Ignition System Components and Operation. Chapter Ignition System Diagnosis and Service.

NATEF Standards Job Sheets Engine Performance (A8), Third Edition

Fuel Injection Components and Operation. Fuel Injection System Diagnosis and Service. Vehicle Emission Standards and Testing. Emission Control Devices Operation and Diagnosis. Scan Tools and Engine Performance Diagnosis. Annesa Hartman. Stephen Herman. Electric Motor Control.

Selling Destinations, International Edition. Carl Casinghino. Michael T. Industrial Motor Control. Biomedical Instrumentation Systems, International Edition. Commercial Drafting and Detailing, International Edition. Erik Lokensgard.


Industrial Plastics: Theory and Applications. Alan J. Karen M. Criminal Investigation. Chris Hadfield. Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding. Kathryn A Kalanick. Phlebotomy Technician Specialist. Nicki L.

ISBN 13: 9781435483231

Alastair Morrison. Hospitality and Travel Marketing, International Edition. Skin Care Beyond the Basics Workbook. Skin Care: Beyond The Basics.

Introduction to Health Care, 3rd Edition. Christine M. Community Policing: Partnerships for Problem Solving. George R. Association of Surgical Technologists. Civil Engineering and Architecture, International Edition. Joseph A. Verifying the Condition of and Inspecting an Engine. Job Sheet 3. Gathering Vehicle Information. Job Sheet 4. Interpreting Identification Numbers. Job Sheet 5. Using a Vacuum Gauge.

Job Sheet 6. Conduct a Cylinder Power Balance Test. Job Sheet 7. Job Sheet 8. Perform a Cylinder Leakage Test. Job Sheet 9. Scope Testing an Ignition System. Job Sheet Using an Exhaust Gas Analyzer. Engine Temperature Check. Test Cooling System.