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Euthyphro, Apology of Socrates, and Crito (Clarendon Greek Text with English Notes)

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Meno Annotated. Aristotle's Ethics. On Sophistical Refutations. Plato Plato. Masterpieces 1. The scene is at Compoton where Echecrates who, meeting Phaedo, asks for news about the last days of Socrates. Phaedo explains why a delay occurred between his trial and his death, and describes the scene.

Plato - Euthyphro - Full audiobook with accompanying text (AudioEbook)

Stumpf This is known as the theory of recollection. The theory of recollection is told through Plato in the Phaedo and the Meno. In the theory of recollection "Socrates' answer to the paradox is that knowledge is recollection. This thesis allows a man to have ideas of which he later becomes conscious by recollection;. Therefore, Socrates possesses a diverse understanding of poems, and he can quote some of his favorite pieces. Besides, in Phaedo, Plato explains that Socrates once considered himself a poet when he was waiting for his execution.

In brief, although Socrates supports the real essence of poetry in his early dialogues, he is identified in many cases claiming that poetry is morally. Therefore, the soul and reason go hand in hand. The soul works and reasons best under conditions in which it is the furthest removed from the body as possible Phaedo.