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Computational physics — This article is about computational science applied in physics. epub, mobi, pdf, html, pdb, lit, doc, rtf, txt); Computational Liquid Crystal Photonics. Fundamentals, Modelling and Applications, Salah Obayya, Optical.

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Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. Improved energy efficiency of the equipment. The efficiency of ultrasonic generators and transducers has been improved over the years, thereby reducing internal heating and subsequent expensive cooling systems , often causing system failure. As mentioned earlier, due to improved efficiencies, the size of generator, cooling system and other parts are easily installed into an existing facility.

If necessary, sound prove cabinets are available to reduce the noise generated by the cavitation not the ultrasound itself! Competitive energy costs. Low maintenance cost. One of the main benefits of ultrasonic technology is the absence of moving parts. The lack of rotors, seals, grease, etc. The only part which requires replacement is the sonotrode probe which in direct contact with the medium.

Depending on the amplitude and the abrasiveness of the medium, the lifetime of a sonotrode ranges from months.

Strong potential for intellectual property. While high power ultrasonic systems become more and more standardized, the way the energy is applied to the medium for example, flow cell design, number of transducers, piping arrangement, etc. Therefore, the potential to obtain patent protection is relatively large. As a result of the reasons mentioned above, the technology has provided a strong economic business case in a range of food processing applications, which to date are only known by those involved in the application development due to confidentiality restrictions.

An outline of several business cases based on realized projects is provided in Table 2. The payback defined here as investment cost over the benefit is in general less than 1 year. Note that payback was used here as a simplified way to calculate the business case. While the technology plays an important role in the implementation of an innovative food processing technology, there are some basic guidelines for making the project a success. Based on the authors' experience a list of tips is given below:. As mentioned earlier, the technology plays a key role in the project, however there are factors that are uncontrollable, yet may impact the last stage of the project - that is the successful launch or full scale implementation.

Examples of mostly uncontrollable factors are:. The following list of questions indicate an opportunity for better communication during the project, part of which is managing the expectations at all levels of management. Don't even be surprised to hear these questions during start-up of the commercial installation:. The considerable interest in high-powered ultrasound is due to its promising effects in food processing and preservation, such as higher product yields, shorter processing times, reduced operating and maintenance costs, improved taste, texture, flavour and colour, and the reduction of pathogens at lower temperatures.

As one of the more advanced food technologies, it can be applied not only to improve the quality and safety of processed foods but offers the potential for developing new products with unique functionality as well. Commercial standard ultrasonic equipment is developing at great pace and no novel process for the application of ultrasound in industry is possible without ultrasonic equipment manufacturers willing to build new designs according to the requirements of customers. This implies that while the technology has great promises it will have to be carefully developed and scaled up for every single, unique application.

Akbari Mousavi, S. Investigations on the effects of ultrasonic vibrations in the extrusion process. Materials Proc.

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2. Principal mechanism of high power ultrasound

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Power Ultrasonics. Applications of High-Intensity Ultrasound

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