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So few know of that!

The Buffalo Ben and Me

It takes you on a breathtaking ride through the hills and hollers of the Ozarks. A gruesome murder on the banks of Skunk Creek leads to a mystery and a rollicking adventure story. Populated by the crusading editor of a small town newspaper, an oversized Sheriff, a lovable band of merry misfits, and an evil cult, an Ozarks village is steeped in beauty, tragedy, love, and lust.

Hardlyville and her colorful, unforgettable Hardlyvillains bring laughter, tears, and celebration of life at every turn as they seek to prevail over natural and unnatural threats to their way of life. Skunk Creek grabs readers from page one and rushes on through each disaster and fiasco.

In the end, love of place and people carry the day to an unlikely conclusion. Skunk Creek is rowdy, ribald, insightful, and grounded in Ozarks waters and history. It confronts and entertains amidst the vexing questions of our times. Who knows what lurks in the deep, dark corners of the Ozarks? The residents of Hardlyville! Skunk Creek! Hilarity abounds in their madcap and unorthodox rush to remain alive. Swine Branch is rowdy, irreverent, insightful, and grounded in Ozarks waters and history. It confronts and entertains amidst some of the most vexing questions of our times.

A worthy follow-up to Skunk Creek. The colorful characters of tiny Hardlyville are thrown into a panic when brutal murders, environmental disasters, corruption, and threats to their beloved and pristine Skunk Creek arise and upend their bucolic lives. I was back, and I was better than I had been before.

I just wanted to tell stories. But when I saw spoken-word, something changed. I have always been a human being trying to find the voice they lost when they were young, and there I was, twenty-five, looking at it on a stage in front of me. I was home. Spoken-word gave me something else I had never had. A writing platform. As a fiction writer, I can have stories published all over the country or the world, but no one around me would ever know I was doing it.

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I had no way to build a brand, to connect the person with the artist. Spoken-word allows for that. That was different. Very different. And now, seven years after I was ready to quit on myself I have a finished novel, am pursing my first literary agent, have represented Buffalo, NY in the National Poetry Slam for two consecutive years, am a Teaching Artist at the Just Buffalo Literary Center , and have my first chapbook of poetry and fiction being published through Ghost City Press out of Syracuse, NY.

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I merely a reformed quitter. Little by little. They like to imagine it as some divine intervention and I think that completely misses the point. Do enough projects, make enough art, and suddenly your battery is drained and you have to recharge it. Whether your charger is a theater production, a book, a poetry show, music, a trip to a gallery, the point is to consume something of value. Consume is the important word there. In Buffalo there are so many chargers to plug into.

Buffalo inspires me because the people around me are doing it, and doing it right, right now.


Pressure and time. That the worthlessness you feel is an illusion.

All of it. Keep applying the pressure, and give it time.

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It was a huge success and caused the four of us to start working on new projects together. This Spring, each of us had a new book accepted for publication, and rather than compete with each other we decided to work together and put our releases as part of a connected series. At a certain point I realized a lot of what I was writing was opaque I said most of this during my CMTransparency talk and the works in this book are a collection of my first attempts at being transparent with my audience, but more so, with myself.

A lot of booths and situations don't finish as comfortably as this has, with Mike ensuring it's going to happen that way.

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I'm really fortunate for him to be supportive of me. Ben is all about having the best broadcast possible. Welcome to Minneapolis for BlueJays baseball tonight. Once the Blue Jays and Bisons hooked up in , Wagner was a frequent guest on the the Fan discussing the Bisons and top Toronto prospects.

He also regularly appeared across the country on shows in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Experiencing it as the Triple-A affiliate and getting to know Jerry and going through these moments where the prospects come up and I'm getting requests to talk about Marcus Stroman or Aaron Sanchez, it really started to sink in that this is really a big deal.

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So I was able to embrace the importance of the reach and the fan base and the network. It's awesome.

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It also helped that Wagner developed a relationship with Howarth as well, from visits at spring training and chats during the season. And he remembers everybody. It's those kind of relationships you hope you could replicate eventually someday. Ben is a real pro. He works well with whomever is around him. I began here when I was 35, and 36 years later I retired.

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He can have that same kind of career. He didn't just retire and ride off into the sunset. He listens. He watches.

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He's out here once or twice a series to reconnect with old friends. To hear him say that is extremely gratifying and very humbling. It also reinforces the fact I have to do the job. There's no messing around here. When you get a major-league job, the real work really starts. Ben Wagner calls Curtis Granderson's walkoff home run April 24 vs. Wagner said he didn't have time to get nervous for the season opener March 29 against the Yankees because he had gone through a five-week leadup of games. You didn't realize the importance of the moment or the job for me for way after.

Wagner arrived in Buffalo straight out of Class A ball with the massive task of replacing Jim Rosenhaus, who had called Bisons games for 11 years and had been the voice of the team's three championships during the Cleveland Indians affiliation. Wagner knew little about the franchise history and was put with longtime analyst Duke McGuire, whom he obviously didn't know.