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She wrote to her brother that Sunday, that it was.

William Holman Hunt

Not like a picture — you seem actually there. At the viewing, Dinah also had the opportunity to speak with the artist, Holman Hunt, whom she refers to as. This, this is Thou.

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O infinitely human, yet divine! Have mercy on us, Jesus Christ, our Lord! The cross Thou borest still is hard to bear; And awful even to humblest follower The little that Thou givest each to do.

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O Christ, hear us! Outweighing all that heap of petty woes— To us a measure huge—which angels blow Out of the balance of our total lot, As zephyrs blow the winged dust away. Take Thou then Our bitterness of loss,—aspirings vain, And anguishes of unfulfilled desire,. Our joys imperfect, our sublimed despairs, Our hopes, our dreams, our wills, our loves, our all, And cast them into the great crucible In which the whole earth, slowly purified, Runs molten, and shall run—the Will of God.

He was educated in Ghent, Belgium, and later at the Royal Academy Schools, London, where he was awarded silver medals in and He later became an associate Royal Academician.

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  • William Holman Hunt - was a Victorian painter, etcher and watercolourist. He was a founding member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and adhered to their principles throughout a long career in the arts.

    William Holman Hunt: A collection of 89 works (HD)

    From the 's onwards, Hunt concentrated on religious themes informed by successive visits to the Holy Land. He was not the first nineteenth-century artist to journey to the East; David Wilkie and David Roberts were but a few that had gone before him. He was however the first to depict the land with such imaginative grandeur and minute detailing.


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